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Overview of the Program

The Wisdom Connections Timeless Tradition Technological Times program was established November 30, 2014 through a generous grant from the GHR FOUNDATION. The program was created for women’s Benedictine communities with women in initial formation. It quickly became affectionately known as simply T4 or the T4 program. At its inception, the mission of the T4 program was to create a program of formation and education for newer members and to develop an ongoing method of communication among the newer members and their Formation Directors through the use of technology. As of December 1, 2017, the grant funding has ended and the scope of the program has moved to include all Benedictine communities across the world. This T4 program is now membership-fee-based and also allows for use in ongoing formation as well as initial formation for community members.

Membership in the T4 Program

Membership in the T4 program is available for women's and men's Benedictine communities. Because all of the content is in English, at this point it is necessary that the members be English-speaking or have someone in their community who speaks English. It is the responsibility of the members to have the equipment and internet capacity to participate in the program   (see below for more info). Membership in the T4 program includes abiding by the T4 Rules & Regulations (see membership form below for details). The current membership fee is $500 and is due every December 1st.

Membership Form

 NOTE:  If you are not inside the United States of America and need to wire your membership fee directly, please email Sister Michelle at t4srmichelle@gmail.com for instructions. You may also send a US Dollar Bank Draft.


IMPORTANT NOTICES: Membership fees are due by November 30, 2018. If you signed up for just one year, or if you would like to join T4 as a new member you can download the membership form from above and send it in with your payment. If you have any questions please email Sister Michelle.

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Tech Specs & Equipment Needs

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American Benedictine Formation Confrence

The T4 Program is under the American Benedictine Formatoin Confrence (ABFC). ​The American Benedictine Formation Conference (ABFC) has its roots in the American Federation of Saint Scholastica who formed a Federation Formation Conference in 1982. At the 1989 Federation meeting the decision was made to expand the conference to include all American Benedictine women. This proposal was approved by the 1989 Conference of American Benedictine Prioresses, giving birth to the American Benedictine Formation Conference.
We offer programs for our novices and sisters in temporary vows as well as a symposium for vocation and formation personnel.